Rights of Patients

Every day, before taking any medical treatment the patients are in a dilemma whether or not to go through the medical treatment. In a few cases, a recommended treatment will only be a question of comfort or speed of healing. In others, it’s a question of quality of life.

Majorly there are four goals of medical treatment 

  • Preventive
  • Curative
  • Management
  • Palliative

Whereby, you as a patient have to decide whether you want to be treated. You are to choose from numerous options available or not and if you wish to them what is the best possible treatment for yourself to have a positive outcome. Unfortunately, sometimes the choices you have won’t yield the outcomes you prefer. Whether you have the right to refuse care depends on the patient’s circumstances and the reasons why you choose to refuse care.

Health is a basic necessity, the patient has the right to call for help. The Jewish tradition requires the physician to respond positively to the call of the patient for help. it obligates every individual to come to the help of a fellow human being. A physician who does not respond to the sick patient‟s call is regarded as one “who spills blood”.” Neither shalt thou stands idly by the blood of thy fellow” just as the physician must render care, the patient must seek care. 


Following are a few rights of the Patient

You may wonder what your rights are in refusing the medical treatment recommended by your doctor! These are a few 


  • It is the basic right of the patient to obtain the trust and correct information for the physicians. This information can be related to the patient’s treatments, situation, diagnosis and prognosis in such a way that the patient can easily be able to understand.

  • The patient has the right to receive from the physician information necessary to give informed consent before the start of any procedure and/ or treatment. Except in emergencies. The patient has also the right to know the name of the person responsible for the procedures or treatment.

  • It is also the right of the patient to stop or refuse any treatment to the extent permitted by law. These rights also give them the chance to get the correct information with regards to the consequences of such actions.

  • Privacy and confidentiality are continuous follow-ups also one of the major rights of the patient. This right creates a barrier for the medical personnel from sharing any of the treatment details with anyone apart from the patient himself.

  • The patient has the right to expect all the documents pertaining to his treatment.

  • It is the right of the patient to get the necessary services that the hospital is capable of. The hospital must provide evaluation, service, and/ or referral as indicated by the urgency of the cases.

  • The patient also has the right to receive continuous guidance and care. They also have the right to know the time of appointments and also the availability of the physicians in advance so that they can for example after a treatment continue with the follow ups.

  • After the entire treatment is done and bills of the same are received, the patient has the right to know the details of the same regardless of the source of payments.


Exceptions to the Right to Refuse Treatment


In instances of an emergency, informed consent may not be possible to attain and therefore these are a certain situation that exempted in certain situations:


  • Mental status- Patients may not have the right to refuse treatment if they have been under the influence due to alcohol and drugs or even worse injury.


  • Children- As being the guardian and parent of the child they cannot refuse any medical treatment necessary for the child and this may also include hose with religious beliefs that discourage certain medical treatments


  • A threat to the community- of a patient refusing the treatment may lead to a threat not only to his life but also to the society when the right to refuse the treatment is exempted. For Example Communicate Disease.


Wrapping Up 

All of the above mentioned are the rights of every person getting medical assistance and above all, the recognition of his/her dignity as a human being. Success in achieving this recognition ensures success in the defence of the rights of the patient.

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