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Greeting from Doctors Risk Medico Legal Services India Pvt. Ltd !!

Doctors Risk with the tailored professional legal department having 15 years of rich experience in handling all kinds of medico-legal projects for our clients across the country has successfully solved 13,000+ issues with the success rate of 100%, out of which not even 0.5% cases have gone in the Court of law – which is actually need of the hour hence enabling them to deliver services more effectively.

Our founder and leader Adv Dr. Arun Mishra, is a leading personality in Medico-Legal field with his sessions captured multiple times in major print media, also interviewed & telecasted by E TV, and is a frequent speaker on Medico Legal Consultant Training Program to thousands of doctors via lectures/seminars across the country.

Professional Indemnity Policy + Medico Legal Services Benefits

Professional Indemnity Policy

  • Most Affordable Cost – Here at Doctors Risk, we provide services at the most reasonable costs. Doctors Risk is one of the most affordable online programs in the fields of law specifically across the country.
  • 1:1 Indemnity Policy – Our firm organizes Medico-Legal conference where our clients will have necessary scope to discuss with our advocates/Medical Law Experts and with their colleagues about the cases regarding your issues that are important to the medical profession itself.
  • Cashless Indemnity Policy – Doctors Risk also states that the policy holder does not have to pay cash for treatment and the settlement of the bills is taken care of directly between the hospital and the insurance company.
  • Jurisdiction India/Worldwide – Doctors Risk also looks into the disputes with regard to which any other party to a dispute has accepted the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice exclusively for or in relation to the purposes of such dispute.
  • Retroactive facility (keeping policy
    continuous) – If you can provide the necessary documents with a retroactive date, the same retroactive date will be mentioned in our insurance company’s policy schedule and from the operational angle, we will suitably honor cases coming under such previous policy.
  • Restoring Old Break Policy by Loading Little premium in No Claim Case – Doctors Risk specializes in restoring old break policy.  If you have no clue as to what is no-claim benefits and loading all about, make smaller claims.
  • Cosmetic
    Transplant/Botox and similar Medical
    Advancements covered – One of the most important services that makes Doctors Risk stand out from the crowd are the treatments that we provide. The cosmetic industry is growing rapidly. Our firm is well updated with the contemporary techniques and treatments.
  • Out of Court Settlement in Indefensible
    Cases – We specialize in out of court settlements with a success rate of 90%. We handle the settlement of disputesoutside the scope of the formal legal system 
  • Worldwide coverage if needed – We provide proper worldwide coverage. We cover for you and your family if you’re living and working globally.


  • Unqualified Staff covered – Again, as one of our continuous approaches to serve the medical fraternity and keep them out of any legal hazards so that they can concentrate on their noble profession of serving humanity better, here, at Doctors Risk the charges of the unqualified staff are well taken care of.
  • All visiting Consultant and RMO covered in
    Hospital Indemnity policy – Generally, people tend to give the in-depth study of the policy clauses a miss. Most hospitals do not cover the RMO costs and other consultancy costs in their policy. Our firm’s major objective is to provide care to our clients. Doctors Risk covers the costs of RMO and other consultancy charges as well.
  • Radioactive coverage if needed – Operators of nuclear power plants are liable for any damage caused by them, regardless of fault. They therefore normally take out insurance for third-party liability. Doctors Risk also provides radioactive coverage, when needed.
  • Day Care center, clinic, Diagnostic center
    Covered – Daycare Diagnostic is an all-inclusive healthcare organization which is newly established to provide a patient-friendly, functional and cheerful environment.   
  • Home care provider, Yoga, Wellness Etc.
    Covered – Many health care plans do not cover yoga, wellness and home care providers. We at Doctors Risk aim at creating a healthy and a splendid environment for our clients as well as employees.
  • Practitioners legally allowed is Covered – Our firm takes care of Younger doctors, however, who are newer in practice and dealing with a highly competitive business environment, are more accepting of marketing.
  • Indemnity Policy As Per The financial Year
    For Easy accounting – Doctors Risk takes care of insurance policy that compensates an insured party for certain unexpected damages or losses up to a certain limit—usually the amount of the loss itself.
  • Customized Package – Customize an Unforgettable Experience with help of our experts. We have the best offers, reasonable discounts and a variety of services.
  • Hospital with unqualified paramedical staff
    covered – As the proportion of unqualified paramedical is rising, not many hospitals are able to cover all the costs of such staff. Doctors Risk aims at making lives easier. It takes care of the charges of the unqualified staff as well.

Medico Legal Services

  • Litigation in online Consultation/Second
    opinion – Get instant medical online consultancy through our website. A second opinion is also a wise step you can take to increase the likelihood of a correct diagnosis and prevent medical malpractice. An expert opinion/evidence could give you an added advantage to make your defense against the complaint against you.
  • Legal Support in Social Media
    Defamation/Disputation of member Doctors –

    Social Media continues to be a popular and growing area. Mostly, people looking for legal advice start online. This means social media marketing for law firms is crucial.

  • Continued Medico legal Education –

    To develop good relations among our clients, structured educational and training programs on medico legal issues has been integrated. Continuous medical education and training programs will significantly increase the awareness levels and hence improve our services.

  • Auditing Medical Record –

    Medical record audits specifically target and evaluate a patient’s treatment and ensures continuity of care.

  • Phone/In-person Consultation with Medico – You can now consult with your advocates through telephone or in person.
  • Legal /Legal Person – A legal person, is any subject matter other than a human being to which law attributes personality. Law treats them as right and duty bearing units or entities likes a natural person.


  • Defense cost of defending in Criminal Medical – Criminal defense attorney costs typically varies based upon various factors including the severity of the charges that you are facing. Here at Doctors Risk, we aim at taking care of these additional charges.


  • Negligence case covered –

    Our team covers cases of negligence as well. Negligence can be a difficult area of law to comprehend because it involves a legal analysis of the elements of negligence as they relate to the facts of a particular case.

  • Defense cost of defending in Medical Council –  Doctors Risk has a pioneer panel of advocates who deal with medico legal issues throughout the country that even takes care of the defense cost
  • Defense cost of defending in Consumers
    Court/State Commissions/National
    Commission is covered  – Here at Doctors Risk, we defend matters in areas traditionally associated with consumer protection.
  • Pre-litigation Support (including Audition
    IPD/OPD papers)- Before pursuing legal action, you may wish to investigate the current worth of the asset and/or a proposed defendant or respondent.
  • Appealing before Higher Forum/Court –  If a client is not happy with an order, it can file an appeal in the High court or other tribunal courts.
  • Defending cases in PAN  – India Our experts have a great reach across the nation. Doctors Risk provides professional services across the country.
  • Handling of cases under guidance Adv. Dr.
    Arun Mishra, Advocate fighting in High Courts
    and Supreme Court – Having successfully handled almost 10000+ Medico-Legal Cases in the last 14 years with success rate of almost 100%, the clients have the utmost benefit of receiving guidance from Dr. Mishra.
  • Anticipatory Bail/Bail Cost Covered – Anticipatory bail is a direction to release a person on bail, issued even before the person is arrested. Here, at Doctors Risk we cover bail charges as well.
  • Different Notice/ Reply Including Recovery
    Notices – All the legal actions can be started once the legal notice is served to the entity or to the individual. The process of legal notice legalizes the matters to be brought before the Court of law.
  • Support in case of Police
    enquiry/Mob Violence/ Media, Press
    interviews, Etc – You always have a choice about whether to speak to the media or not. Our services are intended to help crime victims work effectively and comfortably with the media.
  • Group and association discount – We currently offer group discounts through our services. The costs are negotiable. Discount programs for clients, employers, alumni groups, associations are well managed.
  • Retainer ship Option – A retainer fee is an upfront cost paid by an individual for the services. The client is eligible to pay a specified sum in advance to secure a number of hours each month that can also be negotiable.
  • Guidance in labor law and other legal issues
    in case – A structured guide is provided by our firm in issues related to labor law and other important legal issues. Doctors Risk has the foresight to realize that support is required for the handling of different situations.
  • Financial Risk Covered with the best Government Insurance Company – Needless to mention, Doctors Risk provides the coverage of Financial Risk with one of the best Insurance companies i.e.,  New India Assurance. It is the largest general insurance company of India.
  • Medical Legal Risk Covered with top level of Medico Legal Lawyer Practicing High Court and Supreme court – We are pleased to inform you that we will defend all Medico-Legal cases irrespective of the number of cases covering all the risks involved through our Medico-Legal Associates all over India.
  • Emergency Service System 24×7 – Phone Consultation Here at Doctors Risk, Effective communication system has been established. Our 24*7 services enable you to speak with experienced and licensed specialists instantly. There are also emergency mobile phone numbers provided.
  • Hospital Policy Cover, Unqualified Staff Cover, Visiting Consultant Covered – Professional indemnity insurance indemnifies the insured against financial loss. Also, unqualified staff like peons and sweepers working in the clinic can also be taken care of.


We recommend you to have 50 lakhs /1 crore Indemnity Policy in view of current development in medical negligence cases

For more convinient and smooth transaction, the payment can be done either by cheque or online transaction. Request you to kindly help us with the details of the mode of payment.

The details are as follows:

Bank Details:

Company Name-Doctors Risk Medico Legal Services India Pvt Ltd

A/c Number-0111512256,

IFSC No-KKBK0000682,

Bank Name-Kotak Mahindra Bank,


*  Add on cost- Coverage of International patients/Non-medical staff/Radio active

  **  Other legal support package (one year) @3000 for 5 documents (on line)

   ***  Additional 18% GST Applicable

In case of cheque payment, kindly help us with an appointment so that our executive can explain the

details and also collect the cheque from you.

Demand for Medico-Legal Services has immensely increased over the past few years with more firms

and individuals considering medical insurances. Insurance companies are failing to deliver their promises

due to many reasons, and there is a high need for firms to fill that void. We strive to fill the void and

provide the best services to our clients at the most reasonable rates!!

We invite you to be a part of Doctors Risk Family!!!

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