Minimalism the way to happier Life

आशाया ये दासास्ते दासाः सर्वलोकस्य । आशा येषां दासी तेषां दासायते लोकः ॥

āśāyā ye dāsāste dāsāḥ sarvalokasya । āśā yeṣāṃ dāsī teṣāṃ dāsāyate lokaḥ ॥

People who are servants of desires are also servants of the whole world. For those to whom desire is a servant, the whole world also is a servant.

The above shlok is from Subhashita Manjari – 8.53, highlights the ancient Indian philosophy of minimalism i.e. less is more. Desires are boundless just like the universe. The journey to fulfil one’s desire is everlasting because as we fulfil one desire, another creeps in.An individual likes to bike first; then he wants a scooter, then a motorcycle, etc. if one cannot regulate his yearning and becomes a slave to them, he has to be a servant to everyone to fulfil his desires. On the other hand, When you are a master of your wants, then you are a master of the universe because you don’t foresee anything from anyone.


What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is intentionally living with only those things which one requires to support their purpose. It’s the process of decluttering your life and your surroundings from excess possessions so that one can become more mindful and focus on things that matter most. 

To put it simply, being a minimalist myself, while buying stuff I ask myself this question “will I be needing this particular product 3 months down the line?” if the answer is yes, then I go ahead with the purchase. Mind you this does include purchases made out of utmost necessity. Thus, minimalism is a tool to find liberty from worrying, from guilt, from overwhelm, from depression and most importantly from the nets of consumer culture.  

Does Minimalism is juxtapose of Possession

Generally, people believe that being Minimalist means renouncing possession, but in reality, minimalism is all about experiencing the possession to the fullest without burdening one’s senses with unnecessary materials. In today’s time, we focus on acquiring more and more material possessions often neglecting our health be it mental and physical. We often forsake our passion, our health, our personal growth and our desire to contribute beyond ourselves in lieu of owning more materialistic possessions. Minimalism simply facilitates conscious deliberation of owning possessions. The modern day minimalism is reflection of ancient indian philosophy of living a purpose driven life rather possession driven life.

Various aspects of Minimalism;

  • Being Intentional 

The core of minimalism lies in being intentional about the things we consume. It is marked by consumerism of clarity and purpose, which is reflected by improvement in other aspects of our life. Intentionality can vary from person to person but essence lies in introspection of one’s needs and desire.

  • Liberation from passion for possession

Minimalism breaks the myth of modern culture of possession culminating into life of blissfulness. Minimalism realign our inner compass for passion of possession to passion of having a life full of purpose. Its soul focus is on vivid experiences. It lets us see all that we already have and reminds us to be grateful. In doing so, we find more abundant life.

  • Provides canvas to be different

Human life is the culmination of various environments that he is a part of be it family, friends, co-workers or neighbors.the portraital of a certain image becomes necessary owing to lifestyle ones want to fit in as per individual’s circumstances. On the other hand minimalism allows us to pursue a lifestyle which is simple, completely transferable and adaptable as per the situation.It is reliable, dependable and unfluctuating. It works in all circumstances. It is honest and transparent.

In a world full of celebrities and influencers, constantly portraying the golden standard of living marked ardent consumerism, whereas, minimalism provides simple life that is fulfilling and at same time is attractive and inviting.

  • It is internal reflection through external means

The book ‘Simplify’ by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood, shares 7 guiding principles to help anyone declutter home and life. This book focuses exclusively on external factors to expedite the achievement of true freedom and sense of blissfulness.

The 7 Simplify Guiding Principles as mentioned in the book;

1) Be Convinced

“Our actions will always follow the true desire of our heart. What our heart believes and loves always determines the path of our life. We can mask our true wants for only a short while.”

  1. This first principle includes 10 benefits of living minimal life:
    1.       Spend Less
    2. Less Stress
    3. Easier to Clean
    4. Freedom
    5. Good for the Environment
    6. Be more Productive
    7. Example for Kids
    8. Financially Support other Cause
    9. Own Higher Quality Things
    10. Less Work for Someone else

2) Make It Work For You

  1. He defines minimalism in 5 aspects, which are: 
    1. “We will intentionally promote the things we most value” 
    2. “ We will remove all clutter from our lives”
    3. “We will decorate in a minimalist style”
    4. “We will use our money for things more valuable than physical possessions”
    5. “We will live a counter-cultural life that is attractive to others.”

3) Jump Right In!

  • “For many, the idea of decluttering their home seems daunting… or even worse. It may be helpful to consider the process more like training for a marathon. You don’t declutter your whole house the first day out… you start with a small, manageable job and build your way up.” 
  • The stress is laid on minimising rather than leveling. The difference between is that. Leveling is just moving clutter to a different level of your house. Minimizing is getting rid of it or finding a home for it.
  • “A general rule of thumb to guide you is, ‘If it isn’t essential, remove it.’”

4) Stop The Trend

“You say, ‘If I had a little more, I should be very satisfied.’ You make a mistake. If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled.” — Charles Spurgeon. The author highlights the importance of smart consumerism through a Curated Spending Plan.

5) Persevere

It is important to preserve the energy while marching towards goal of minimal life and one way it could be done is through “Recognize your ‘Clutter Collection Sites.’”

6) Share The Joy

  • “We were never meant to live life accumulating stuff. We were meant to live simply enjoying the experiences of life, the people of life, and the journey of life – not the things of life.”

7) Simplify Everywhere

  • “What then, are the ‘big rocks’ in your life? Since becoming minimalist, we have been able to identify the big rocks in our lives – our kids, our friends, our faith, our goals, and our influence. Simplifying life is about identifying the big rocks, putting them in the jar, and intentionally eliminating the little rocks.” 
  • Achieving minimalism is possible

Becoming a minimalist is completely achievable, by simply applying practical steps everyday in our life. By incorporating minimalism into our lives, we’ve finally been able to find lasting happiness.

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