Medicolegal” is the term, which fuses the nuts and bolts of two sister callings for example Drug and Law. Everyone discusses the law however few, beside legal counselors, judges and law instructors, have more than the vaguest idea of what establishes law. The normal layman frequently has about as a lot of exact data about the law as he has about medication or life on Venus. Also, tragically, two expert gatherings experience the ill effects of more obliviousness of law and medication than is beneficial for them:

Those legal advisors, who don’t continually manage medicinal issues in their lawful practice, know next to no about the restorative calling and its issues; doctors as often as possible understand too minimal about the law and how it influences them in the act of their calling. Medico legitimate specialists can give a connection between these two callings for their smooth and successful working in a logical way.

The doctor meets the law every step of the way. He goes up against it when, as the treating specialist, he is subpoenaed as an observer in individual damage claim; he meets it when his guide is looked for as a specialist regarding a case that another individual from his calling has been careless and when he is looked in his office or center by an opiate fiend, a man with a discharge wound, or a youthful couple looking for a blood test. He is up close and personal with the law when he is required to render a disturbing cluster of legislative reports or to protect physical proof to serve a law implementation office. The doctor, truth be told, finds a lot of the law seriously disturbing, frequently in light of the fact that he isn’t completely clear as to its motivation.


Doctor’s Risk Medico Legal provides a range of niche professional medical indemnity insurance policies to suit the risks you face in your particular profession. Whether you are a surgeon, physician, cardiologist, pathologist, etc, our policies provide cover against allegations or claims of professional negligence.

  • Most Affordable Cost
  • Cashless Indemnity Policy
  • Medical Centre/Hospital Policy
  • Customized Package
  • Continued Medico legal Education
  • Dnse cost of defending in Medical Council is Covered

Medico Legal Consulting Services

We (team of expert doctors, Lawyers, Software expert and social coordinators) provide Medico Legal Support and Guidance

Medico Legal Support

  1. Guidance and opinion on need basis
  2. Evaluation,case examination and Qualification
  3. Complete handling of the Medico Legal case including appearances in Consumer Protection Forum/Court(s) at various levels(CPA Cases-District, State, National and Supreme Court)
  4. Advise and support in Consumer protection, Redressal Forums commissions and Supreme court
  5. Advise and support in complaints and cases in MCI and State Medical Councils and appeals in State
  6. Advise and support in criminal complaints, cases and Civil cases arising from Medical Profession
  • Quarterly Medico Legal Training
  • Quarterly Process Audit and System Audit
  • We Support NABH 
  • Indemnity Insurance
  1. Provision of Insurance and related services

“Medicolegal” is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e. Medicine and Law, as when medical testing or examination is undertaken for a legal purpose.

A doctor has ethical and legal obligations, and he needs to abide by the laws of the land while discharging his duties. In medical practice, most of the doctors would come across which at the time or subsequently, would be called a “Medico-Legal Case” (MLC).

An MLC is a case of injury/illness where the attending doctor, after eliciting history and examining the patient, thinks that some investigation by law enforcement agencies is essential to establish and fix responsibility for the case in accordance with the law of the land. It can also be defined as a case of injury or ailment, etc., in which investigations by the law-enforcing agencies are essential to fix the responsibility regarding the causation of the said injury or ailment.

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