Medico Legal

Medico Legal

Medico-legal case (MLC) represents an integral part of medical practice in the emergency departments and casualties. Therefore, physicians should have sufficient knowledge of their roles and responsibilities while handling these cases to aid legal justice.


The most underrated, yet the most important field that has never been pushed into the limelight in the field of medicine is Medico-Legal services. Due to the lack of expertise and awareness in this field, not many would have thought that we doctors would have to face medico-legal problems. Even the developing countries are also influenced by Westernization. With this changing scenario, doctors have to adapt to the situation and may have to face such legal tangles, which is intangible and disturbing sometimes.


Our advisor and one of the best Medico-Legal lawyers  Adv. Dr. Arun Mishra is well qualified, knowledgeable, and has been providing timely advice to Medical Practitioners, Lawyers for more than a decade in various capacities.


We are a Doctors Risk Medico-Legal services company established in 2005, we now have 15 years of rich experience in successfully solving 15,000+ cases, having 10000+ satisfied clients from every part of India.


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