Lockdown and Meager Vitamin D

Every day in the morning we have been told by elders to go out and get some workout done in the morning sunlight. Sunlight has vital importance when it comes to a few of the human body functions. It is also called the “Sunshine Vitamin” or even “Vitamin D”. This was easier to get before the massive spread of the novel Coronavirus. Therefore the big question is, Are you getting enough vitamin D by sitting at home?

Lockdown has bought a huge change in the lifestyle of every person. There are positive changes seen as well but the concept of lockdown itself means staying indoors. Before the lockdown, it was very easy to get Vitamin D as many used to walk to their office, exercise, jog, workout in the open under the bright sun. Therefore, now there is a chance of an increase in Vitamin D deficiency as none of the above mentioned is possible during the time of such pandemic. One more reason for it is also that not all are so fortunate to have a big balcony or veranda where they can get Vitamin D. This leads to less amount of Vitamin D.

Therefore the question is what do we do?

This was answered by The Public Health Agency has recommended that people supplement with vitamin D supplements during the lockdown.


“As a result of being inside more, we may not be getting enough vitamin D from sunlight. We are advising that everyone should consider taking a supplement of vitamin D every day to keep their bones, teeth and muscles healthy.” Caroline Bloomfield, The Public Health Agency (PHA) lead on Nutrition and Healthy Eating.

Vitamin D is very essential for our body to function which are mentioned below:


  • It helps in having Immunity as that helps the body to have a good immune system.
  • Hormonal health by balancing our sex hormones 
  • Vitamin D also helps and supports having a better digestive system
  • Bone health, like vitamin D, regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, both needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscle.
  • Another major role is that of helping in developing and functioning of the Human Brain


There are two major sources of an individual to get vitamin. One being naturally through Sunlight and the other being through Food such as eggs, fish, mushroom, cheese, etc.

Types of Vitamin D 

There are two types of vitamin D.

  • Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) from plant sources, i.e. mushrooms.
  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) from animal sources such as oily fish and egg yolks as well as the supplemental forms.

Vitamin D3 is the more powerful of the two types as it is bio-available and raises blood levels of vitamin D almost twice as much as D2.

To know the proportion of either of the Vitamin in our body the simple way being that of a Blood Test. This test will help determine the exact and correct level of Vitamin D in our body which is said to be equal to 25(OH) D – 25-hydroxy vitamin D in the blood.

Due to the pandemic situation, The Public Health England gave certain vitamin D recommendations

“Public health England have recently increased the recommended level to 25ug/day during the current pandemic. PHE normally recommends everyone in the general population aged 4 years and older to have 10 micrograms (400UI) of vitamin D daily, throughout the year. This includes pregnant and breastfeeding women and population groups at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency. For all infants from birth to 1 year of age 8.5 to 10 micrograms (340-400 IU/d) of vitamin D per day is recommended; however, children who have more than 500ml of milk (including baby milk formula) every day do not need any additional vitamin D.”


Wrapping it Up: 

During such a time it is good to get a blood test done to determine the exact level of the correct dosage of supplemental vitamin D for intake as it is also possible that vitamin D/overdose from supplements can cause Hypercalcemia (abnormally high calcium level in your blood) and signs include nausea and vomiting.

Apart from this, to get through the situation workout daily at home, eat your greens and take vitamin D supplements according to one’s body necessity.

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