Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Professional indemnity insurance for doctors is liability insurance for doctors that provides cover against professional risks such as negligent misdiagnosis, incorrect medicine dosage, surgery-related procedures, or wrong course of treatment suggested, etc. It provides coverage in case a patient or any third-party claims injury, harm death, or financial loss due to the insured medical practitioner’s service, consultation, or advice and can also protect doctors from any libel or slander.

This also includes comprehensive coverage that encompasses claims made by all patients for wrongful treatments, mishaps, or even negligence related accusations. Litigation costs and other settlement and court fees will be paid out by the insurer in these cases. The coverage also covers claims in many cases related to events taking place after the start date when one purchased the first insurance plan.


There are insurers who also provide legal support and guidance for doctors with regard to defending themselves in specific cases. This insurance plan should be analyzed by doctors.


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