During Medical Accident

  • Phone consulting guidance to handle all situations which normally cost Rs.5, 000/- and above absolutely free.
  • IPD/OPD paper Auditing in an emergency which can be sent on WhatsApp, Fax, Scanned or Mail by members or in-person worth Rs, 20,000/- and above absolutely free.
  • At Acute situation Risk Manager Medico-Legal Experts feel will be available to attend you and handle all your queries which normally costs Rs,20,000/- and above absolutely free.
  • Mob handling in Emergency Situation and guidance if Medico-Legal Experts feel which normally costs Rs.20,000/- and above absolutely free.
  • In case of any Emergency situation, handling the situation and accompanying Doctors to the police station if Medico-Legal Experts feel which normally costs Rs. 20,000/- and above absolutely free.
  • We provide guidance to handle press conference / visual media in acute situations worth Rs.25,000/- and above absolutely free.


We are a Doctors Risk Medico-Legal services company established in 2005, we now have 15 years of rich experience in successfully solving 15,000+ cases, having 10000+ satisfied clients from every part of India.


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