Rights of Patients

Rights of Patients Every day, before taking any medical treatment the patients are in a dilemma whether or not to go through the medical treatment.

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Minimalism the way to happier Life

Minimalism the way to happier Life आशाया ये दासास्ते दासाः सर्वलोकस्य । आशा येषां दासी तेषां दासायते लोकः ॥ āśāyā ye dāsāste dāsāḥ sarvalokasya ।

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Gravity of Attorney-Client Privilege

Gravity of Attorney-Client Privilege A “privileged communication” is a security granted to a Legitimate communicating that takes place between the Client and the Attorney. Proficient

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We are a Doctors Risk Medico-Legal services company established in 2005, we now have 15 years of rich experience in successfully solving 15,000+ cases, having 10000+ satisfied clients from every part of India.


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