Before Medical Accident

  • Legal case notice up to 5 including cheque bouncing, recovery, mediclaim etc worth Rs 25,000/- absolutely free.
  • Education through Medical News Paper, Bulletins, Lectures, Cd’s etc worth Rs. 50,000/- absolutely free.
  • Social Securities after sudden death, complete legal services to family – Wife/Children absolutely free which includes matters of insurance, property, family disputes etc. worth Rs. 50,000/- above absolutely free.
  • 5Lakhs and above Indemnify from Oriental  Insurance / New India Insurance Company.
  • Various new schemes product which will be launched by the company will be absolutely free. For eg: Dietitian Yoga Consultant etc.


We are Doctors Risk Medico Legal Services Company Established In 2005, Now Has 15 Years Of Rich Experience In Successfully Solving 15,000+ Cases, Having 10000+ Satisfied Clients From Every Part Of India.



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