We Doctor’s Risk Medico-Legal Services Company established in 2005, now has 15 years of rich experience in successfully solving 15,000+ issues, having 15000+ satisfied Doctors from every part of India.


We feel privileged in introducing Doctors Risk Medico-Legal Services, a Company with its main objective to provide expert Medico-legal services exclusively to the Doctors.


The Company has tie-up with India’s premier Insurance Companies including “The New India Assurance Company Limited” (A Government of India undertaking for professional Indemnity policy of Doctors).


“Medicolegal” is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e. Medicine and Law. Everybody talks about the law but few, aside from lawyers, judges and law teachers, have more than the dimmest idea of what constitutes law.


About 30% of the legal cases are medico-legal cases. Most of us have been admitted to the hospital at least once in our lifetime. A Doctor may have a bitter experience maybe because of Aayabai, Wardboys, administration, billing or so and hence even after spending lakhs of rupees Patients aren’t satisfied with the service that they receive, hence litigation and loss of reputation of Doctors and Hospital.


We at Doctors Risk are well equipped with the expertise in handling all kinds of medico-legal projects for our clients and enabled them to deliver services more effectively. We ensure our clients get comprehensive coverage for all their medico-legal data with high confidentiality and security.


Also, with the view to fill up the gap between Doctors and patients and create a friendly environment, we conduct a Medico-Legal Consultant and Training Program for health professionals in association with the Global Institute of Value Education Society (GIVES).


We work for RISK MANAGEMENT of DOCTORS. We are a professional Medico-Legal Service providing company for Medical professionals.


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Adv. Dr. Arun Mishra

Adv. Dr. Arun Mishra, a practicing advocate of supreme court. High court and a medico-legal consultant, has completed LLM (crime) from the Mumbai university.

He also has to his credit three different graduations in microbiology, medicine, and law, also different post-graduations in medicine, law, and in yoga and other qualifications such as D.Pharma, D.M.L.T., and D.Yoga etc., all related to medicine.

After handling 15000+ medico legal issues, he finds the best solution to defend doctors in any case through legal support and legal education through latest laws, high court and supreme court judgements.

Having successfully handled almost 15000+ medico-legal cases in last 15 years, he humbly attributes this to the practical and combined knowledge of medicine and law.

His ambition is to create awareness, unity, and confidence among doctors.



1. We help our member doctors take a stand against medico-legal: claims, disciplinary proceedings, criminal proceedings and complaints filed against them.

2. We provide the most robust backing to our members from the lower courts to the supreme court by providing sound advice from professionals in the field of medico-legal.
The services we render are:

  • Drafting And Documentation of legal papers.
  • Answering the legal notices.
  • Defending Medical/Civil cases in High Court & Supreme Court

3. Being One Of The Trustworthy Organizations Known For Rendering Customized Medico-Legal Services To The Clients, Doctors Risk Covers Impressive Market Share. The Offered Services Are Rendered By The Professionals Who Are Highly Proficient In This Domain To Give Fruitful Advice To Their Clients.

4. The Company Offers Need-Based Services To Their Clients. The Advisers At Doctors Risk Are Well Qualified, Knowledgeable, And Have Been Providing Timely Advice To Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Insurance Companies Etc.​

5. We Use A Bespoke Software System That Allows Fast And Efficient Handling Of Appointments, Reports, Medical Records And Administrative Documents.​

6. All reports are prepared to the highest standards and comply with the “terms of court” rules.

7. We frequently provide FREE workshop, seminar in corporate hospitals, individual Doctor from Adv. Dr. Arun Mishra regarding the updated news from Medico-legal.

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We are a Doctors Risk Medico-Legal services company established in 2005, we now have 15 years of rich experience in successfully solving 15,000+ cases, having 10000+ satisfied clients from every part of India.


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