• A Medico-Legal Case can be characterized as an instance of damage or sickness, and so forth., in which examinations by the law-upholding offices are basic to fix the duty in regards to the causation of the damage or infirmity.
  • It is a therapeutic case with legitimate ramifications for the going to specialist where the going to specialist, in the wake of evoking history and looking at the patient, believes that some examination by law requirement offices is basic.
  • It might be a legitimate case requiring medicinal aptitude when brought by the police for assessment.


  • Each specialist under law bound by an agreement to serve its patient and can not decline treatment.
  • Each specialist needs to satisfy certain legitimate prerequisites in administration by impulse or willfully as characterized under law.
  • Medico lawful case (MLC) assessment and announcing is one of the lawful duty of all specialists working in an emergency clinic.

In the judgment of case Parmananda Katara Vs Union of India, the summit court stated:

” Every specialist will undoubtedly give therapeutic guide to the unfortunate casualties independent of the reason for damage; he can’t take any reason of permitting law to follow through to its logical end”.


  • All instances of wounds and consumes – the conditions of which recommend commission of an offense by someone. (regardless of doubt of treachery)
  • All vehicular, production line or other unnatural mishap cases exceptionally when there is a probability of patient’s passing or heinous hurt.
  • Instances of suspected or obvious rape.
  • Instances of suspected or clear criminal premature birth.
  • Instances of obviousness where its motivation isn’t regular or not clear.
  • All instances of suspected or apparent harming or inebriation.
  • Cases alluded from a court or in any case for age estimation.
  • Cases brought dead with ill-advised history making doubt of an offense.
  • Instances of associated self-punishment with wounds or endeavored suicide.
  • Some other case not falling under the above classifications yet has lawful ramifications.


  • TREATMENT (All legitimate customs to be suspended till the patient is revived)
  • Recognizable proof (Whether the said case falls under Medico Legal Case or not)
  • Insinuation TO POLICE (on the off chance that it falls right now, he should enlist the case as a MLC as well as personal the equivalent to the closest police headquarters, either by phone or recorded as a hard copy.)
  • Affirmation RECEIPT (From the police ought to be gotten for future reference.)


  • Reports must be set up in copy on legitimate master forma giving every fundamental detail
  • Dodge shortenings, over compositions. Remedy assuming any, ought to be initialed with date and time.
  • Reports must be submitted to the specialists instantly.
  • Medico-authoritative archives ought to be put away under safe guardianship for a long time
  • Age, sex, father’s name, finished location, date and time of revealing, time of occurrence, brought by whom.
  • Recognizable proof stamps and finger impressions
  • All MLC to be educated to the police for taking lawful proof
  • In the event that the patient is kicking the bucket, illuminate the justice to record ‘passing on announcement’.


  • In any of the medico-lawful cases, it is the legitimate obligation of the getting specialist report it to the closest police headquarters following finishing essential lifesaving restorative consideration.
  • This is as per Section 39 of Criminal Procedure Code of India.
  • The thought is to start the lawful continuing at the most punctual is with the goal that greatest proof can be gathered by the cop.
  • Fast activity by the police likewise assists with maintaining a strategic distance from the demolition of proof by the treating doctor.

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